Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Little Lilac Studio, The Lartigue, Tarbert,Beale long ago

Darkness falls over Ballybunion playground in July 2017


Being a Tourist

When you live in Kerry people like to visit you in summer. I find it frees me up to be a tourist. I drop everything and take to the tourist trail; with my guests. Regular readers will be familiar with the places I love. One of these is Listowel's Lilac Studio.

My little ones love to indulge their creative impulses. They have many useful and decorative creations at home, souvenirs of happy days in this lovely little studio.

On this visit we ran into some really artistic little girls who were making memories with their very artistic granddad.


We're on the Train

Another favourite spot to take my visitors is the Lartigue.

All aboard! Tony Behan was the volunteer guard on the afternoon of our visit.


Tarbert Bridewell

The girls struck the same pose as the prisoner in the yard.

They briefly shared a cell with Mary McCarthy and they felt her pain as she and her infant were condemned to deportation for the crime of stealing cabbage to feed her starving children.

The children were horrified by the punishments doled out in the bridewell in years gone by.

These are my three little visitors as we set out down the ferry road in a mission to visit of fairies.


Blessing of the Boats in Beale

Once upon a time the blessing of the boats in Beale was an important ceremony in the lives of the boatmen. Liam O'Hainnín and his family photographed this blessing and he shared these photos recently on Facebook

A Change at Jerome Murphy's Corner

Regions I.T. and computer shop has relocated here from Church Street.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Big Maggie in New York in 1983, Ballylongford, Revival and a Rose comes to town

Revival 2017 Remembered

On Saturday evening August 12 2017 Revival rocked The Square Listowel. Below is Denis Carroll's great capture of the colour and atmosphere of the event.

I was in The Square with my young visitors to get a flavour of the great night.

The Blizzards were on stage.

The stage was erected by this firm.

I met friends, Mirian Ahern and Karen Kennelly in town for the big night. In fact I met so many past pupils that I felt I was back in the classroom.

A wedding was in full swing in The Listowel Arms. The happy couple came outside to sample the vibe.

Old friends, Maurice Kelliher and Dominick Scanlon were enjoying the concert.

Ballylongford, Shannonside Home of Poets and Artists

This photo of the annual graveyard mass at Lislaughtin Abbey was posted on Facebook by Ballylongford Snaps

That site also has these lovely pictures of artistic wrought iron work on gates on the road to Carrig Island

The artist is Mick Rea


John B. Keane's Big Maggie in New York in 1983

I was delighted to get this email from Marie Neligan Shaw.

Hi Mary,
Was cleaning out some bookshelves today and came across a Play Bill for the NY production of John B. Keane's play Big Maggie at the Douglas Fairbank's  theatre in 1983. I was at the play and the after party with John B. and Mary. It contains a letter from the then mayor of NY Ed Koch welcoming John B. And his play to theatre row. Was wondering if this was something you might like to include in your blog. If interested just let me know and I will mail it to you.


Do you remember the O'Donoghues of Tanavalla?

If you remember them or if you would just like to meet the Florida Rose, there will be a meet and greet reception for Elizabeth and her family in The Listowel Arms on Wednesday evening next, August 23 2017.


Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann 2017

Musicians and singers of Listowel Folk Group performed Garry MacMahon's Aifreann na Ríochta at the fleadh in Ennis on Sunday.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Ballybunion,Old Phones, Ladybird Wife and Republicans in the 70s

Fields of Gold

Chris Grayson photographed this barley in Lyracrompane


 in Ballybunion by the Sea...August 2017

View of the beach from the Cliff Walk

 Peaceful cattle rest in the sunshine

 Isn't this lovely?

The beach mission are still pulling the crowds.


Things that Take me Back

In the Lartigue Museum in Listowel there are many many things that will take you back in time. As well as the train and the train related videos and memorabilia, there is a collection of photographs and artefacts that will take the visitor on a delightful trip down memory lane. Below are some I photographed lately.

 I remember these meters and fuses from my childhood.

Ah the Sacred Heart lamp and those light fitting adaptors!

Old railway signs

My granddaughters were fascinated by the old phones. They found it hard to imagine a time when the phone rang and you answered it without a clue as to who it might be.


From the Ladybird How it Works series 

A tongue in cheek guide to being a wife


Listowel in the New York Post

Robert O'Shea shares this from The New York Post


The Girls are Back in Town

Read this blog to see what visitors who have become family at the Olive Stack Gallery have been up to. They also share a sneak peek of what's being planned for Listowel for Christmas and its mega exciting



Were you there?

This photo was taken in Listowel on an Easter Monday in the 70s and Ballydonoghue Magazine Committee are looking for names.


I Put me Money where my Mouth is

(Well, not a lot of my money, obviously, but at least I now have skin in the game)